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Torch Song Trilogy.

Production Information:

Year: - 1985.

Author: - Harvey Fierstein.
Director: - Robert Allan Ackerman.
Venue: - Albery Theatre.
Rupert Graves: - Alan.

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Synopsis Or Review:

Part 1: 'The International Stud'.
1. January. Arnold backstage at the nightclub.
2. February. Ed in the 'International Stud' bar.
3. June. Ed and ArnoId in their respective apartments.
4. September. Amold in the 'International Stud' bar.
5. November. Ed and Arnold backstage.

Part 2: 'Fugue In A Nursery'.
Time: One year later.
Place: Various rooms of Ed's farmhouse and Arnold's apartment.

Part 3: 'Widows And Children First!'
Time: Five years later.
1. Arnold's apartment, 7am on a Thursday in June.
2. Same, 5pm that day.
3. A bench in the park below, immediately following.
4. The apartment, 6am the next morning.

Cast & Crew Information:

Lady Blues - Barbara Rosenblat.
Arnold Beckoff - Antony Sher.
Ed - Rupert Frazer.
Laurel - Belinda Sinclair.
Alan - Rupert Graves.
David - Ian Sears.
Mrs. Beckoff - Miriam Karlin.

Standby for Arnold - Richard Willis.
Standby for Mrs. Beckoff - Barbara Rosenblat.
Understudy for Laurel, Lady Blues - Kim Ismay.
Understudy for Ed, Alan - Patrick Bailey.
Understudy for David - Sean Gascoine.

Director - Robert Allan Ackerman.
Settings designed by - Bill Stabile.
Lighting designed by - Gerry Jenkinson.
Assistant to the Director - Franco Zavani.

Company Stage Manager - Ken Grant.
Deputy Stage Manager - Marilyn Sarrington.
Assistant Stage Manager - Julie Braithwaite-Clarke.
Assistant Stage Manager - Sean Gascoine.
Costumes designed by - Jane Robinson.
Musical direction by - John Owen Edwards.
Original music for 'Fugue In A Nursery' - Ada Janik.

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