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'Tis Pity She's A Whore.

Production Information:

Year: - 1988.

Author: - John Ford.
Director: - Alan Ayckbourn.
Venue: - Royal National Theatre. (The Olivier).
Rupert Graves: - Giovanni.

Spacer Tis Pity She's A Whore

Synopsis Or Review:

'Tis Pity She's a Whore was "acted by the Queen's Majesties Servants at the Phoenix in Drury Lane" round 1632 to "general commendation deserved by the actors".

However, when it was next revived, 30 years later, Samuel Pepys didn't think much of it:
"To Salisbury Court playhouse where was acted for the first time 'Tis Pity Shee's a Whore, a simple play and ill-acted, only it was my fortune to sit by a most pretty and most ingenious lady, which pleased me much."

The play was not performed again for over 250 years, though critics continued to argue over its merits.
Hazlitt, for example, dismissed it, while Swinburne waxed lyrical on how Ford: "... with high funereal art carved night and chiselled shadow."

It was finally revived in 1923, when the First World War had loosened the public morality of Victorian England.

In recent years it has been staged fairly often: for instance, in 1961 by Visconti in Paris as "Dommage Qu'elle Soil Putain", and in 1972 by Roland Joffe as an NT Mobile production.

Cast & Crew Information:

In order of speaking:
Bonaventura, a friar - Richard Cordery.
Giovanni, son to Florio - Rupert Graves.
Vasques, servant to Soranzo - Clive Francis.
Grimaldi, a Roman gentleman - Paul Stewart.
Florio, a citizen of Parma - Ron Pember.
Donado, another citizen - Roger Hammond.
Soranzo, a nobleman - Michael Simkins.
Putana, tutress to Annabella - Bridget Turner.
Annabella, daughter to Florio - Suzan Sylvester.
Bergetto, nephew to Donaldo - Russell Dixon.
Poggio, servant to Bergetto - Jim Barclay.
Richardetto, a supposed physician - Struan Rodger.
Philotis, his niece - Georgie Glen.
Hippolita, wife to Richardetto - Polly Adams.
Officer - Peter Dineen.
Servant to the Cardinal - Adrian Jubb.
A Cardinal, nuncio to the Pope - Nigel Bellairs.

Banditti, Officers, Servants, Guests, Dancers:

Carol Been, David Crossley, Brenda Dowsett, Kate Dyson,
Michelle Evans, Jennifer Hill, Captain Kean'o', Ian McLaren,
Rosemary O'Boyle, Anthony Sergeant, Frank Stirling,
Alan Towner, Alan White.


Paul Todd (Music Director / Keyboards).
Michael Brain (Wind Instruments).
Steven Craven (Trumpet).
Howard Evans (Trumpet).
Robin Jeffrey (Lute).
Andrew Robinson (Wind Instruments).
Anthony Wagstaff (Percussion).

Director - Alan Ayckbourn.
Settings - Roger Glossop.
Costumes - Sally Gardner.
Lighting - Mick Hughes.
Music - Paul Todd.
Fights arranged by - Malcolm Ranson.
Dances arranged by - David Toguri.
Satff Director - Kenneth Mackintosh.
Production Manager - Andrew Peat.
Stage Manager - Courtney Bryant.
Deputy Stage Manger - Lesley Walmsley.
Assistant Stage Managers - Marc W Dugmore, Brewyeen Rowland.
Sound - Richard Borkum.
Assistant to Roger Glossop - Paul Farnsworth.
Assistant to the Lighting Director - Tim Bray.
Assistant Production Manager - George Ellerington.
Costume Supervisior - Stephanie Baird.
Production Photography - Nobby Clark.

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