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Sufficient Carbohydrate.

Production Information:

Year: - 1983, 1984.

Author: - Dennis Potter.
Director: - Nancy Meckler.
Venue: - Albery Theatre, Hampstead Theatre.
Rupert Graves: - Clayton Vosper.

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Synopsis Or Review:

A British businessman and his American counterpart take a holiday with their wives on a Greek island. They are both employed by the same multi-national food processing company.

The play explores the competitive relationship which develops between the two men. Barker, the older man, has allowed his family business to be taken over by the American-owned multi-national, Greenace. Vosper is his senior colleague. Potter uses the scenario to express his long-standing aversion to the inroads which global American commercial culture makes on other cultures, England's in particular.

Cast & Crew Information:

Jack Barker - Dinsdale Landen.
Clayton Vosper - Rupert Graves.
Lucy Vosper - Jill Baker.
Eddie Vosper - Nicky Henson.
Elizabeth Barker - Jennifer Hilary.

Standby for Dinsdale Landen and Nicky Henson - Guy Ransome.
Standby for Rupert Graves - Duncan Stirton.

Director - Nancy Meckler.
Set Designer - Tanya McCallin.
Costumes - Sheelagh Killeen.
Lighting - Leo Leibovici.
Company and Stage Manager - Meryl Robertson (Albery).
Deputy Stage Manager - Virginia Pavey (Albery).
Assistant Stage Manger - Duncan Stirton (Albery).

Stage Management (Hampstead).
Jane Harding, Virginia Pavey, Louise Grime.

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