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The Pitchfork Disney.

Production Information:

Year: - 1991.

Author: - Philip Ridley.
Director: - Matthew Lloyd.
Venue: - Bush Theatre.
Rupert Graves: - Presley Straw.

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Synopsis Or Review:

The Pitchfork Disney.
By Philip Ridley.

A pair of chocoholic twins with a fear of the outside world.
A nightclub entertainer without a filling in his head or a broken bone in his body.
A speechless man in a leather mask.

What do you do when the bad dreams you keep having walk through the front door and ask you what happened to Mummy and Daddy ?

Studded with dark jokes and images of shocking beauty, The Pitchfork Disney is a modern version of Babes In The Wood seen through an East End Gothic lens.
It is a haunting first stage play from a distinctive and original writer.
The exceptional young cast includes Rupert Graves, well known for his work on stage (A Madhouse In Goa) and screen (A Room With A View), Dominic Keating and Tilly Vosburgh.
©1991 Trystero Productions.

Cast & Crew Information:

Presley Straw - Rupert Graves.
Haley Straw - Tilly Vosburgh.
Cosmo Disney - Dominic Keating.
The Pitchfork Cavalier - Stuart Rayner.

Director - Matthew Lloyd.
Designer - Moggie Douglas.
Producer - Lucy Koralek.
Lighting Designer - Danielle Bisson.
Stage Manager - James Reid.
Deputy Stage Manager - Simon Pearse.
Lighting / Sound Operator - Jenny Kagan.
Music - Nick Bicat.
Poster Design - Benjamin Koralek
Production Photographer - Sam Garwood.

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