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The Iceman Cometh.

Production Information:

Year: - 1998.

Author: - Eugene O'Neill.
Director: - Howard Davies.
Venue: - The Almeida Theatre.
Rupert Graves: - Don Parrit.

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Synopsis Or Review:

It used to be said of a bar in northern England that it could never be fire-bombed because the occupants would drink the petrol before it had time to explode. Eugene O'Neill must have had just such a bar in mind when he wrote The Iceman Cometh.

In the new production of O'Neill's classic at the Almeida, director Howard Davies and designer Bob Crowley have conjured up a bar in which the most desperate drink their hours away. And yet, despite the characters drunken despondence, all of them have tales to tell of their past lives, their hopes and their dreams and they retain a certain camaraderie.

Into this manifestation of Cheers as drawn by Gorky steps Hickie, the wise-cracking, high-rolling travelling salesman making his yearly pilgrimage to Harry's bar. The drinkers, who have been awaiting his arrival eagerly, find their hopes dashed when he sets about trying to reform them, stopping their drinking (not something that unduly bothered O'Neill) and forcing them to face up to reality and stop waiting for tomorrows. But Hickie has a terrible secret to tell and, in the (long) telling of it, forces the rest of the cast to reveal more about themselves.

Running at four and a quarter hours, The Iceman Cometh is not an easy night but don't be daunted by its length; this is ensemble playing at its very best.

The Almeida have pulled off another superb production of a major play.

Cast & Crew Information:

Harry Hope – James Hazeldine.
Ed Mosher – Roger Sloman.
Pat Mcgloin – John Rogan.
Willie Oban – Duncan Bell.
Joe Mott – Clarke Peters.
General Piet Wetjoen – Nicholas Day.
Captain Cecil Lewis – Patrick Godfrey.
James Cameron "Jimmy Tomorrow" – Ian Bartholomew.
Hugo Kalmar – Nigel Cooke.
Larry Slade – Tim Pigott-Smith.
Rocky Pioggi – Mark Strong.
Don Parritt – Rupert Graves.
Pearl – Holly Aird.
Margie – Lisa Palfrey.
Cora – Emily Morgan.
Chuck Morello – Robert Pugh.
Theodore Hickman "Hickey" – Kevin Spacey.
Moran – Tony Guilfoyle.
Lieb – Owen Oakeshott.

Director - Howard Davies.
Designer - Bob Crowley.
Composer - Paddy Cunneen.

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