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Design For Living.

Production Information:

Year: - 1995.

Author: - Noel Coward.
Director: - Sean Mathias.
Venue: - Gielgud Theatre.
Rupert Graves: - Otto.

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Synopsis Or Review:

I saw the play by Noel Coward starring Rupert Graves, Marcus D'Amico and Rachel Weisz twice. It wasn't only seeing the two male actors nearly naked that made me see it twice, the acting was so brilliant and vivid that me and my friends were stuck to our seats for more than two hours enjoying every minute of this funny and tragic story.

It starts off with Otto (Rupert Graves) being cheated on by Gilda (Rachel Weisz) with his best friend Leo (Marcus D'Amico). He 'condemns' them to hell and runs off in a fit. Eighteen months later, Gilda and Leo are successful but unhappy, Otto returns to find Gilda home alone. The inevitable happens and the two end up in bed together. The next morning, Otto finds out Gilda has ran off and Leo has come home from work. Leo finds out that Otto has slept with Gilda and starts yelling at him.

The anger doesn't last long and the two end up drunk and in each other's arms, kissing and tearing at each other's clothes. The triangle has closed. The end of the play is a reunion of the threesome and their promise of everlasting faith to each other.

The play had a radiance of energy, Rachel Weisz's neurotic hyper-intelligent Gilda is wonderful and Rupert Graves' Otto and Marcus D'Amico's Leo were better than Noel Coward could've ever hoped for. I can't remember the drunk-scene ending like this in the original play...

The second time I saw it, it was even better, I was there with my sister and after seeing the play we slowly walked to the tubestation. Once in the train to North London, we found out we were sitting next to Marcus D'Amico, we started talking to each other about the play and about Rupert Graves. He was really soft-spoken and kind and promised us he would send Rupert our greetings. I sure hope he did!

A few months later I saw the Dutch version of Design for Living with Dutch actors here in Amsterdam but it wasn't as good as the one in London. I am still waiting for a reprise!!!
Melissa van der Sande.

Cast & Crew Information:

Gilda - Rachel Weisz.
Ernest Friedman - Nicholas Clay.
Otto - Rupert Graves.
Leo - Marcus D'Amico.

Miss Hodge - Johanna Kirby.
Mr Birbeck - Jason Cheater.
Grace Torrence - Jan De Villeneuve.
Henry Carver - Mark Haddigan.
Helen Carver - Lou Gish.
Matthew - Giles Tomlin.

Director - Sean Mathias.
Designer - Stephen Brimson Lewis.
Lighting - Mark henderson.
Composer - Jason Carr.
Sound Design - John A. Leonard.
Assistant Director - Lucy Davies.

Company & Stage Manager - Chantal Hauser.
Deputy Stage Manager - Rosalind Morgan-Jones.
Assistant Stage Manager - Stephen Fulton.
Technical Ass. Stage Manager - Melissa Davis.
Costume Supervisor - Lucia Snell.
Production Carpenter - Colin Small.
Production Electrician - Tanya Burns.
Ass. Lighting Designer - Mike Calf.
Wardrobe Mistress - Valerie Ward.
Wig Mistress - Dorothy Al-Diwany.

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