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Production Information:

Year: - 1999.

Author: - Patrick Marber.
Director: - Patrick Marber.
Venue: - Music Box Theater, Broadway.
Rupert Graves: - Dan.

Spacer Closer

Synopsis Or Review:

Starring Rupert Graves, Ciaran Hinds, Anna Friel, and Natasha Richardson.

A once in a lifetime opportunity is presented......
I've crossed the Atlantic Ocean just to see this play, I hope it's good!

When a young stripper, Alice (Anna Friel), is hit by a taxi, she meets Dan, an obituary writer. They flirt a bit, and by scene two have moved in together. However, along comes Anna, a seductive photographer who Dan becomes completely infatuated with. Of course, they have an affair.

Rupert Graves is totally convincing as the charming, selfish Dan - hurting everyone in pursuit of his passion. Along the way he also manages to ruin the life of a doctor, Larry (Ciaran Hinds), firstly setting him up with Anna (Natascha Richardson) and then taking her off him.

Anna Friel is also very impressive, in her first major stage role as the vulnerable Alice. There are some very funny lines (and an especially good internet sex scene), but ultimately I found this a very sad play.

Just one small criticism - I wish there had been more depth to the characters.

'Closer' is essentially just another story about love, lust and betrayal, but the sharp dialogue and superb acting make it both moving and memorable.
Yes, by the way, it was good!
Melissa Lacy.

Cast & Crew Information:

Alice - Anna Friel.
Dan - Rupert Graves.
Larry - Ciaran Hinds.
Anna - Natasha Richardson (Until June 13th, 1999)
Anna - Polly Draper. (From June 15th, 1999).


For Ms. Richardson / Ms. Draper - Natacha Roi.
For Mr. Graves - Joseph Murphy.
For Ms. Friel - Dagmara Dominczyk.
For Mr. Hinds - J. Tucker Smith.

Director - Patrick Marber.
Designer - Vicki Mortimer.

Lighting - Hugh Vanstone.
Original Music - Paddy Cunneen.

Casting - Ilene Starger.
Sound - Simon Baker.

Production Stage Manager - R. Wade Jackson.

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