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Production Information:

Year: - 1986.

Author: - Peter Shaffer.
Director: - Simon Callow.
Venue: - Theatr Clwyd.
Rupert Graves: - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Synopsis Or Review:

Equus started from a fragmentary piece of news: a boy had stabbed out the eyes of his favourite horse.
Amadeus started with an old story: the 18th century composer Salieri's confession that he killed Mozart.

In both plays, Shaffer puzzles away at a riddle. What made them do it? What made the 20th century boy behave like a savage? What made the famous, honoured and successful composer confess to killing the unsuccessful, officially disregarded pauper?

The answer to both puzzles turned out, surprisingly, to be God. Shaffer pursues his enquiries like an unrelenting sleuth. This is what gives his work its urgency.
It has the quality of a whodunnit. Why? Why? Why?

His central characters constantly cry. In unfolding his answers, Shaffer doesn't hesitate to use every resource of the theatre. Not for him the self-denial of his contemporaries following some unwritten code of don'ts.
Will music, colour, costume, mime, jokes, gestures help us to tell our story?

Very well; let us use them. And so Shaffer has spoken more directly and more memorably to more theatregoers than any playwright of his time. He has forged a story-telling technique that owes little to any model. Its roots lie in popular theatre, in the pantomime on which he grew up as a boy.

In Amadeus, more than either of his earlier epic plays, "Royal Hunt Of The Sun" and "Equus", he has delved into his own passion for music and his own questions about fame and immortality, to create a dark pantomime of ideas, an intellectual and spiritual melodrama.
That is why we have set it in a haunted theatre.
Simon Callow. (Director).

Cast & Crew Information:

Venticello - Ross Boatman.
Venticella - Sharon Baylis.
Servant - Garry Freer.
Antonio Salieri - David Bamber.
Johann Kilian Von Strack - Hugh Hastings.
Count Orsini-Rosenberg - Alfred Hoffman.
Baron Van Swieten - Richard Addison.
Constanze Weber - Elizabeth Edmonds.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Rupert Graves.
Joseph II, Emporor Of Austria - Robin Hooper.
Citizeness- Joanna Bacon.
Citizen - David Meyer.

Director - Simon Callow.

Designer - Bruno Santini.
Lighting Designer - Geoffrey Joyce.

Sound - Tim Oliver.
Stage Manager - Chris Wylde.

Deputy Stage Manager - Jocelyn Boxall.
Assistant Stage Manager - Erica Fletcher.

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