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2008 - Midnight Man.

Author: ITV Press Office.
Publication: ITV Drama.

Your character sounds a little on the slippery side. Is that fair?

Rupert Graves: Daniel Cosgrave is a modern political animal. He knows how to use the media; he knows how to use spin. He’s urbane and charming. He is not your typical war monger in the old fashioned sense. He is a zealot. He is an idealist. He concocts a plan he really believes in, which is almost doubly frightening. He is sincere, but misguided.

Are you anything like him?

Rupert Graves: I am not like him at all. I am always in awe of people who can determine a plan, and put their plan into action. To have the ability to do that I find fascinating. I have a romantic soft spot for idealists.

Does he have any good traits?

Rupert Graves: He’s not just a war monger but he also works on behalf of the soldiers. He is concerned for the welfare of soldiers and about the lack of equipment and the quality of equipment they are asked to use.

But you wouldn’t trust him…

Rupert Graves: He is very duplicitous. He’s married with kids but he's having an affair with his colleague Alice Ross. He’s got a whole separate agenda at work which he keeps away from his lover. Alice is a brilliant girl who he is fond of. He is able to compartmentalise things for practicality’s sake. He is a pretty ruthless man.

Did you enjoy playing the part?

Rupert Graves: I liked the idea of playing a modern political beast, I love paranoid political thrillers as a genre and I thought it was very well written.

Would you describe yourself as political?

Rupert Graves: I’ve never been tempted to make my protest heard. I really should. It is ridiculous when we do have the privilege of a democracy but we don’t take advantage of it... it is really stupid not to. I berate myself that I should be doing something when I have the opportunity. I just sound off and don’t do any thing.

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