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2004 - My Week: Rupert Graves, Actor.

Author: Alistair Sooke.
Publication: The Telegraph.

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I'm rehearsing a new play, Dumb Show by Joe Penhall, so I spent about an hour after breakfast looking through my lines. It was the start of the third week of rehearsals, which is when you try and do it without a book in your hand.

The cast went through bits of the play with Terry Johnson, the director, from 10 until six. It was a tiring day. Then I went home, where my wife and I had five of my sister's kids and their friends staying. They're all skateboard fiends from France. We've only got a little flat, so they were living in a big pile in our front room.


We were aiming for a run-through of Dumb Show on Saturday, so spent most of the day ironing things out for that. I had to do a photo-shoot in Hoxton in the afternoon. I don't really like photo-shoots: standing still for a camera with that amount of scrutiny on your face makes your life start draining out through your ankles.

I got home around half nine and watched the Olympics. I'm not madly interested, but it's good to unwind. It's quite fun, too, watching sport with nephews and nieces because you can scoff at everybody and sneer – just like teenagers.


I had to do a radio voice-over before work that took an hour. I don't enjoy doing them, particularly at this stage of rehearsal when I just want to focus on the play. But it was a productive day afterwards.

Terry Johnson is great: he's very smart and likes to work in a lot of detail. In the evening, I watched England beat Ukraine. I didn't think Ashley Cole had a great one – but I mustn't slag him off, because I'm a Gooner and he's a god.


In the morning I did another voice-over. Work was very hard, but good: we kept going over the play again and again, which really bedded it down in all of us. I had the afternoon off, because they were rehearsing two scenes I'm not in, so I had some lunch with my wife.

Then I had to pick up a tie that got lost in the post. I'm not really a tie person, but I particularly wanted to wear one during these rehearsals because I'm playing someone who wears a suit.


Another intense day at work. We weren't ready for Saturday's run-through, so we decided instead not to hassle ourselves and went slowly through the play again, scene by scene. It was a creative rehearsal but not too mad. When I went home in the evening, it was the first time I'd been alone with my wife for a couple of months. So we watched about five episodes from the first series of 24 on video and had a take-away.

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