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2000 - Yes Yes Yes! Could You Say No To Rupert Graves ?

Author: Lórien Haynes.
Publication: New Woman Magazine.

In his latest role, Rupert Graves plays a dashing womaniser who won’t take no for an answer.

And neither will we, says Lórien Haynes.

Rupert Graves has come a long way since running around a pond, naked, in A Room With A View. He played a lovely bit of rough in Maurice, a biker infatuated with a transsexual (yes, really) in Different For Girls and this month sees him playing a ladykiller determined to deflower virgin beauty Sienna Guillory in the BBC adaptation of Kingsley Amis’ novel Take A Girl Like You. We decided to do a bit of, er, deflowering ourselves – well, wouldn’t you?

So, what’s your character like?
He’s a guy with a real Don Juan complex. He wants to conquer, grind and crush his women. Conquer ’em, fuck ’em and crush ’em. It’s a proper complex to do with a fear of death, of being alone, of getting older.

Do you prefer playing the romantic hero or the sexy bad boy?
The romantic bad boy.

Have you ever seen a woman and thought: ‘I’ve got to have her, no matter what?’
No, I haven’t.

But does it help if a woman plays hard to get?
It depends on how hard she plays. It’s a useful tool and weapon.

Your character certainly doesn’t rate fidelity – do you?
Yes, yes and yes.
Do you think men and women’s roles have changed since the Fifties?
The game playing between men and women hasn’t. But what’s changed is that women are allowed to be more overtly predatory. And that’s hard for men to adjust to.

Are you predatory in any way?
No. If you proposition someone, you’re inviting a knock back and that’s always a bit tricky on the old ego.

Would you take advantage of a girl when she’s drunk?
No, although it obviously happens a lot. Alcohol gets rid of all your inhibitions but it turns you green on cab rides home.

Are you just into marriage and babies then?
I don’t want marriage and babies. Do you want a baby?

Er, yes. Are you offering?
Hmm. I’ll have to change my answer to yes. No, seriously – what we all want is power, status, love and money.

And do you think falling in love with a virgin would be scary?
No – but it would be very scary for my girlfriend, who’d be mightily pissed off and come at me with an axe.

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