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The media bank at the website hosts a raft of interviews and press releases relating to Rupert's work in film, stage and television.

To read an article, please make your selection from the list displayed below.

Year.   Media Article. Publication.
2014 Arrow Turks & Caicos / Salting The Battlefield Press Release Carnival Films / BBC Worldwide
2014 Arrow Ask Rupert Graves RGO
2014 Arrow I Wish They'd Let Me Play Holmes ! The Daily Mail
2012 Arrow A Fast Track To Time Travel RGO
2008 Arrow Midnight Man ITV Drama
2008 Arrow My Perfect Weekend The Daily Telegraph
2008 Arrow God On Trial BBC Worldwide
2005 Arrow One Foot In The Future RGO
2004 Arrow Red Tops & Rags RGO
2004 Arrow My Week: Rupert Graves, Actor The Telegraph
2003 Arrow Charles II - The Power & The Passion BBC Worldwide
2003 Arrow Theatregoer Magazine Interview Theatregoer Magazine, RGO
2002 Arrow Question & Answer Special #2 RGO
2002 Arrow Rupert Bared Guardian Unlimited
2002 Arrow Question & Answer Special RGO
2001 Arrow From One Extreme To Another RGO
2001 Arrow Take A Lad Like Him RGO
2000 Arrow Take A Boy Like Rupert Express Newspapers
2000 Arrow Yes Yes Yes! Could You Say No To Rupert Graves ? New Woman Magazine
2000 Arrow Taking Care Of Pinter's Plays The Evening Standard
1999 Arrow Marber's Men Intheater Magazine
1999 Arrow Rup's Got Class Appeal The Daily News
1999 Arrow Amputees Teach Actor To Walk Tall - On One Leg Parade Magazine
1998 Arrow A Graves Injustice ? Tbc
1997 Arrow Rupert Graves Is One Of The Busiest Thespians Around Tribune News Service
1997 Arrow When You're Called Rupert Graves You Can't Lose Tbc
1997 Arrow Bomb Magazine Interviews Actor Rupert Graves Bomb Magazine
1997 Arrow Nobody's Fool Tbc
1997 Arrow Flavour Of The Month - The Brit Boy: Rupert Graves Instinct Magazine
1997 Arrow Graves Moulds Himself Into A Variety Of Characters University Wire
1997 Arrow Acting Across The Class Divide The New York Times
1997 Arrow Rupert Graves Thrives On Breaking The Snob Barrier Bergen Record Corporation
1997 Arrow Getting "Intimate" With Actor Rupert Graves Hollywood Online
1997 Arrow Cinemania Interviews Actor Rupert Graves Cinemania Magazine
1997 Arrow Different For Rupert Genre Magazine
1997 Arrow It's Different But Still Quite Intimate With Rupert Graves Tbc
1997 Arrow An Intimate Look At English Actor Rupert Graves Entertainment Newswire
1997 Arrow Actor Has Fun Being "Different" Tbc
1997 Arrow Intimate Relations: An Interview With Rupert Graves Tbc
1997 Arrow Roles But No Butter The Washington Post
1997 Arrow The Graves Situation Newsday Magazine
1997 Arrow There's Another British Rupert The Calgary Sun
1996 Arrow Room To Experiment Tbc
1996 Arrow Make Major Room For British Actor Rupert Graves Tbc
1996 Arrow Premiere Magazine Interview Premiere Magazine
1996 Arrow The Darker Side Of Period Drama TV Eye
1988 Arrow Rupert Graves Loose Habits GQ Magazine
1988 Arrow An Actor's Diary BPI Entertainment