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Waking The Dead S7E5/E6 - Duty And Honour.
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2008 - Hat Trick Productions, BBC Television.

Director - Robert Bierman.

Rupert Graves - Colonel John Garrett.
Review / Synopsis.

Episodes: Duty & Honour (Parts 1 and 2).

A dog unearths human remains in a wood.

Boyd and his Cold Case Squad manage to make a connection with a decapitated corpse discovered two years previously, close to an army barracks, in the third of six two-part stories in the current series of the award-winning forensic drama.

The mystery leads to a regimental dinner at the barracks where the team soon find themselves embroiled in a high-level cover-up.

Starring Trevor Eve as Boyd, Sue Johnston as Grace, Tara FitzGerald as Eve, Wil Johnson as Spence, Felicite du Jeu as Stella, and guest starring Rupert Graves as Colonel John Garrett.

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