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The Waiting Room.
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2007 - Bright Pictures Productions.

Director - Roger Goldby.

Rupert Graves - George.
Review / Synopsis.

The Waiting Room - A Feature Film By Roger Goldby.

Two complete strangers, Anna (Anne-Marie Duff) and Stephen (Ralf Little), are brought together by chance by an elderly mman Roger (Frank Finlay) who waits for his wife on a station platform. While they sit together in the deserted waiting room, Roger quietly reminisces about the special things he and his wife did when they were younger. As Stephen and Anna listen they are drawn together and make a connection, forgetting their individual lives for an isolated moment in time.

Anna single-handedly brings up daughter Charlie since seperating from her father Toby (Adrian Bower). She lives next door to Jem (Zoe Telford) and George (Rupert Graves), who are married with a small boy. Jem and Anna are close friends and shair all their secrets - with the one exception that Anna has been sucked into a damaging affair with George.

Stephen Lives with Fiona (Christine Bottomley) and while Fiona is suddenly keen to start a family, Stephen is unsure whether he can commit - despite pressure from Fiona and even her parents (Allan Corduner and Lizzie McInnerny). He finds solace through his work at the local old people's home, in particular from his friendship with resident Helen (Phyllida Law).

Anna and Stephen's fateful meeting acts as a catalyst for them to examine and challenge waht's going on in their different relationships, and make hard but positive decisions for themselves.
If they change their lives perhaps they can meet again.

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