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Vice Versa.
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1981 - ATV Network.

Director - Ron Francis.

Rupert Graves - Tipping.
Review / Synopsis.

Based on the original novel (Vice Versa - A Lesson To Fathers) by the celebrated author F. Anstey (Thomas Anstey Guthrie), and adapted for television by Jeremy Burnham. A classic and highly comical series in which a father and son switch their bodies - a young boy becomes his father and vice-versa.

Paul Bultitude (Peter Bowles) and his son Dick (Paul Spurrier), who, as a result of a magic stone talisman, find that their roles are reversed. Mr. Bultitude has to go to his son's boarding school, whereas Dick soon finds himself in a huge amount of trouble as he attempts to run his father's business.

Paul (as Dick) finds it extremely hard to adapt to school life (again!) and earns a reputation with the other pupils as both a sneak and a coward, whereas Dick (as Paul) almost ruins his father's business. These are problems that they both have to deal with now, and later on, when they are eventually returned to their own bodies.

Also starring Adam Bass, Ian Cuthbertson, John Blain, Jeremy Child, Robin Crane, Rupert Graves, Saskia Downes, Roderick Hart, Rebecca Lacey, Claire Parker, and Timothy Stark.

Rupert Graves appeared in the folowing episodes of this television series:

Part Two - The Outcast.
Part Three - The Trial.
Part Four - The Fight.
Part Five - The Letter.
Part Six - The Escape.
Part Seven - The Reckoning.

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