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Turks & Caicos.
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2014 - Carnival Films, Heyday Films, BeaglePug Ltd, BBC Television.

Director - David Hare.
Producer - Celia Duval, David Heyman, David Barron.

Rupert Graves - Stirling Rogers.
Review / Synopsis.

MI5 agent Johnny Worricker has walked out of his job at MI5, going to the airport and apparently choosing his destination at random. But his choice of Turks & Caicos turns out to have more purpose than is at first clear.

He intends in fact to make contact with a group of American businessmen whom he suspects of ripping off the US government in a policy of deliberate over-charging. The men are on these paradise islands in order to attend a colloquium of high-powered businessmen and politicians who are meeting to discuss the global financial crisis.
Johnny’s access to them is facilitated by a CIA agent already on the island, called Curtis Pelissier, whose own relationship to his employers is not always clear.

Meanwhile Johnny must also try to get the help of an old girlfriend back in London, Margot Tyrell.
He needs her to betray her boss in London in order to establish an illicit connection between the prime minister of Great Britain and dark goings-on in the ‘war on terror’.

When one of the businessmen is murdered in a shocking way, the needs of local detectives, the CIA and a British agent on the run, all conflict. This fascinating story finds its denouement on Turks & Caicos, moving between the guests in the luxury hotels and the belongers who live full-time on the islands.
©Carnival Films.

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