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The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall.
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1996 - BBC Television.

Director - Mike Barker.

Rupert Graves - Arthur Huntingdon.
Review / Synopsis.

This is just simply a wonderful rendering of a wonderful story.
Based on the novel by Anne Bronte, we are hereby treated to a sumptuous piece of "costume drama" from The BBC in England, UK.

Helen Graham, (Tara Fitzgerald) is a softly spoken, decent woman, who at first in her life, believes everything a man would tell her, such was the way of things in these times.

She is fooled into love by a callous and uncaring pig of a man, Lord Huntingdon, (Rupert Graves) whose treachery and abuse know no shame or no bounds. You really get to despise this man, which is an accolade for actor Graves, who shows just how good he is at playing the baddie ( a role he not often plays).

To all before him on the outside, he plays the part of an upstanding gentleman, a pillar of society, a thoroughly decent man, behind doors he is a sinister bully, who revels in the way that himself and his companions treat women. So the story is set, it is obvious that Ms. Graham must find independence, and soon. Her possible saviour comes in the shape of Gilbert Markham (Toby Stephens), a decent man, who despises wrong-doing of any kind.

A superb piece of drama, though a little of the novel has been altered a little to suit television.

Simply a must to watch.
Diana Meredith.

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