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Take A Girl Like You.
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2000 - BBC Worldwide.

Director - Nick Hurran.

Rupert Graves - Patrick Standish.
Review / Synopsis.

Summer, 1959.

Young Jenny Bunn (Sienna Guillory) breezes down South to take up a teaching post at the local primary school.

Having left her parents and a failed relationship behind her, she is here to make a fresh start. Jenny is extremely pretty with the sort of glow of energy' and health that makes her stand out in a crowd. She is also a virgin.

Handsome local schoolmaster; Patrick Standish (Rupert Graves) spots her leaving the station and is bowled over. Patrick finds out she is lodging with local buffoon, Dick Thompson (Robert Daws), notorious for making passes at his lodgers, and wastes no time in asking her out.

They get on very well; she is overawed by his sophistication and attentive charms while he is thrilled that she is so receptive. But later, when Patrick greedily pounces on her, he discovers that she is not going to be such an easy conquest.

Patrick does not call Jenny after the date. She is hurt, especially when she attends his film club and sees him chatting up his headmaster's teenage daughter, Sheila (Amelia Warner) Jenny's new friend Anna (Kathy Kiera-Clarke), a racy French girl who is also lodging at Dick's house, reassures her about Patrick, although from personal experience Anna does not trust him one inch.

Patrick explains to fellow schoolmaster, Graham McClintoch (Ian Driver), his frustration that pretty girls are so difficult to get into bed. Graham, the world's biggest failure with women, is surprised that he has not persevered with a girl as pretty as Jenny. Graham certainly would have done so.

The following Sunday, Patrick invites Jenny, Anna and Dick to a house party that his roguish friend, Julian Ormerod (Hugh Bonneville), is holding. Jenny is excited and relieved to see Patrick again. And anything would be preferable to staying at home and dodging Dick's lecherous advances.

At his big country house, Julian plays the lavish host. Soon everyone is drunk and having a great time - except for Jenny who finds Patrick in a clinch with another woman. Hurt and upset, she decides to play him at his own game and kisses Julian, but derives little pleasure from the act.

She is considerably cheered up when Patrick discovers that the woman he has been pursuing is not at all what he had hoped. Serves him right....
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