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Starting Out: S4E3 - Them And Us.
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1982 - Central Television.

Director - Geoff Husson.

Rupert Graves - John.
Review / Synopsis.

Starting Out was an ITV Schools drama series airing fom 1973 to 1992, depicting the highs and lows of adolescent life in The United Kingdom.

The drama was primarily aimed pupils who were coming to the end of their school life and starting out in the adult world, however apart from being screened for schools and colleges, the series was often shown late at night on The ITV Network, as more often than not some of the episodes contained strong content.

The episode "Them And Us" written by Grazyna Monvid, was no exception.

Set in 1982, it tells the story of The Foggerty's, a family that have moved from Morecambe to London so that stepfather Geoff would stand a better chance of finding employment.
Geoff has hard times dealing with the three children from his wife Vera's previous marriage, which often leads to blazing rows which makes his relationship with his wife difficult. His stepdaughter Helen proves the biggest challenge, at the difficult age of 17 she is already taking the pill and having a physical relationship with her boyfriend John, a young man with only eyes for the main chance.

Helen tells her mother about the relationship, and as her mother has not met John, she attempts to be supportive, but Geoff has other ideas, telling Helen to leave the family home.

Helen leaves, and goes to find John who she's in love with. She meets him in the loacal pub and tells him that she has left home and begins talking about getting married, getting a flat etc.

It's only then that she finds out he doesn't really care for her, especially when he meets another girlfriend in the same pub, lying to both girls within seconds.

Devastated, Helen returns home, ands finds love and uderstanding from her mother and even her stepfather.

Starring Carol Chell, Kevin Lloyd, Hywel Williams Ellis, Lisa East, Amanda Noar, Belinda Dawe, Rupert Graves and Michael Packer.
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