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2001 - Moment Films.

Director - Andy Serkis.

Rupert Graves - Matt.
Review / Synopsis.

Promotional Short.

A surgeon cuts through the tattoo of a snake devouring itself, a tattoo he's seen before and his past is coming back to haunt him.

Seven years have passed since he waited for a prostitute in a seedy hotel in
Kings Cross. He wanted her body but not for sex. In the bathroom sat Maurice an organ donor box on his lap and £5000 in an envelope.

The plan was to drug the prostitute Jenifer and take out her kidney, sell it to Maurice and make a fast getaway, but the plan blew up in Matt's face and the night spiralled out of control and plunged into madness, as each character tried to outwit each other for their own desperate needs.

Just when the situation couldn't get anymore diabolical it did and Matt is forced into the most hideous moral dilemma imaginable. Snake is a darkly comic tale about three ordinary people who will go to extraordinary lengths to get what they want. The question is can they be blamed for it ?
Starring Rupert Graves, Lorraine Ashbourne, and Bev Willis.

Production Notes:

Running Time: - 15mins.
Co-Producers: Paul Viragh, Andy Serkis.
Executive Producer: - John Tadros.
Editor: - Pia Di Cioula.
Director Of Photography: - Nigel Willoughby.
Sound: - Andy Griffiths.
Screenwriter: - Andy Serkis.

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