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Salting The Battlefield.
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2014 - Carnival Films, Heyday Films, BeaglePug Ltd, BBC Television.

Director - David Hare.
Producer - Celia Duval, David Heyman, David Barron.

Rupert Graves - Stirling Rogers.
Review / Synopsis.

Salting The Battlefield is the third part of the trilogy of films about the British domestic security service, MI5.
After escaping from the CIA in the Caribbean, two ex-employees of MI5, Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy) and Margot Tyrell (Helena Bonham Carter) are on the run together across Germany.

They are fast running out of money, and being forced by MI5 surveillance to move quickly from one town to another.

Together they have hatched a plan to plant stories in the British press which they believe will flush out the irregular behaviour of the Prime Minister, Alec Beasley, whose record in the ‘war on terror’ seems marked by doubtful practice and financial gain.

As they head back towards the UK, and Johnny’s family life, love life and professional life all come together in one shared crisis, Worricker knows that his only chance of resolution is if he returns home to confront the prime minister. In a showdown with Downing Street, there will be only one winner.

Salting The Battlefield brings the entire trilogy, with its insights into new strains on the security services in the 21st century, to a thrilling climax.
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