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Rag Tale.
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2005 - Pembridge Pictures Ltd.

Director - Mary McGukian.

Rupert Graves - Eddy Taylor.
Review / Synopsis.

At the official weekly editorial meeting for The Rag, always the same repost: ‘Who are we going to get this week?’ And always the same jokes in response to the predictable roll call of proposals in the worst possible taste …

At the unofficial weekly editorial meeting, (a much sweatier affair in the relaxation room), the discussion is a good deal more heated. It’s more than the Editor's job is worth to continue the affair with his deputy, given she’s also the Chairman’s wife. The story could break. A scoop and a coup…

Rag Tale chronicles a week in the life of a tabloid newspaper in contemporary London. Its tyrannical chairman and obsequious editor (who is also sleeping with the chairman’s wife!) battle for political supremacy, using staff journalists as pawns in the power games they play out in the pages of the press.

Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rupert Graves, Malcolm McDowell, Kerry Fox, Simon Callow, Bill Paterson, Ian Hart, Lucy Davis, Sarah Stockbridge, Cal Macaninch, David Hayman, and John Sessions.

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