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Screen One: S5E4 - Royal Celebration.
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1993 - BBC Television.

Director - Ferdinand Fairfax.

Rupert Graves - Neil.
Review / Synopsis.

The television series was made in England in the early nineties, with the story set in July, 1980 in a very affluent neighbourhood of London.

It centres around a square on which different people live, i.e. families, singles, ex-partners etc. Basically everyone in different shapes and sizes. The square is celebrating the Royal Wedding of Charles to Diana. Everyone is watching it on TV and afterwards there is a party in the square.

However things are not going as planned. As the people start celebrating and drinking the lives of the people are taking strange turns. Rupert Graves plays the part of a jobless city yuppie who is living with Minnie Driver.

Her ex also resides at the same square, who is starting an affair with a married woman, whose husband is having an affair with another woman. This married couple have kids and as they are watching the wedding ceremony on TV they spot their father in the crowd with the other woman and proceed to blackmail their father with this. Mayhem galore!

Starring Rupert Graves, Gaye Brown, Minnie Driver, Caroline Goodall, Peter Howitt, Kenneth Cranham, and Leslie Phillips.

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