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1984 - Ladbroke Films, Channel Four Television.

Director - Tony Palmer.

Rupert Graves - Tonio.
Review / Synopsis.

Life for one of the world's greatest composer's was never easy...

Burdened with his wonderful talent, this operatic genius had more than his share of problems living in his home village of Torre del Lago - but at the age of 50, he was to endure an episode in his life that very nearly destroyed both himself and his career.

Puccini (Robert Stephens) had a problem in the fact that his wife of many years, Elvira (Virginia McKenna) was not the trusting sort, leading her to wrongly accuse their servant girl Doria (Judith Howarth) of having an affair with her husband. In desperation, the servant killed herself by means of rat poison - an incredible scandal in 1908 Italy.

Puccini's wife was sued for defamation and spent five months in prison - leading to the man himself to contemplate suicide - his family life was shattered and his son Tonio, (Rupert Graves) was left to wonder how it had all gone wrong.

A wonderfully told story explaining the background to a real life crisis that very nearly took the life of a musical genius. The Music is provided by The Scottish Opera Orchestra, and conducted by Sir Alexander Gibson.

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