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1994 - LWT Productions.

Director - Paul Greengrass.

Rupert Graves - David Martin.
Review / Synopsis.

A remarkable true story of police incompetence, where a totally innocent man (Stephen Waldorf) is shot, and nearly killed by armed police in England.

Rupert Graves stars in this taut thriller, a tale of one sorry man, who also happens to be a transvestite. He has loved men, but now he finds the meaning of love with a woman, only to find that she will indirectly lead him to more trouble than he's ever been in in his life. Powerful and convincing acting by Graves, for once playing the bad guy in the film, one of those "real life" shockers that leave you gripped from the start to the finish.

Also stars Kate Hardie, and Douglas Hodge.
Compelling viewing, made all the more exciting with a compact music score, and a wonderful cast.
Steve Riches.

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