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The Nightmare Worlds Of H.G. Wells: The Moth.
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2016 - Sky Arts.

Director - Adrian Shergold.

Rupert Graves - Professor Hapley.
Review / Synopsis.

"The Moth" (a short horror story written by HG Wells in 1895) is one of a four part mini-series to be aired on Sky Arts in 2016, other episodes included are "The Story Of The Late Mr Elvesham", "The Purple Pileus", and "The Devotee of Art".

The Moth tells the story of renowned scientists and rivals Professor Pawkins (James Wilby) and Professor Hapley (Rupert Graves) and the strange events that follow Pawkins’ death.

The Moth, (Episode 3) premiers on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD on Thursday the 4th of February, and repeats the following Thursday on 11th February.

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