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Inspector Morse: S6E2 - Happy Families.
Inspector Morse (Happy Families) Spacer

1992 - Carlton Productions.

Director - Adrian Shergold.

Rupert Graves - Billy.
Review / Synopsis.

This series must be one of the best detective types ever produced by Central Television.
It consistently offers high class drama, polished production, and a superb story line too.

And let's not forget how the cast is remarkable in every episode.

This episode, "Happy Families", is yet another fine piece of British drama.

As always, the scene is set in Oxfordshire, England, and not far away a family is having big problems. On the night of Mrs Balcombe's birthday, her husband is removed to the netherworld, killed. Because the whole family are stinking rich, the obvious suspects are just about everyone in the room at the night of the murder. The family are all a bunch of mealy - mouthed whiners, who seem to think that the world owes them a living, but living is not the word to choose, as soon another member of the family is bumped off.

For the time being Inspector Morse, played superbly as always by John Thaw is at a loss as to who committed these foul deeds, and is under great pressure from his superiors. To make matters worse, Morse, who like to have his private life just that, private, is being dogged by a very unsavoury journalist by the name of Billy (Rupert Graves) who takes great delight in using the case and Morse to liven up the tabloid press.

As Morse is eventually taken off the case, he sinks into a depression, whilst his close friend and colleague Lewis (Kevin Whatley) as always tries to help, but you can never write this studious detective off for long, perhaps he can find out just what is going on, though even he would not expect the conclusion of the case to be so shocking.
Diane Draper.

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