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Romance Theatre: Mona.
Mona Spacer

1983 - Granada Television.

Director - Robert Knights.

Rupert Graves - Jim Atkins.
Review / Synopsis.

Part of the Granada Television series - "Romance Theatre", Mona is based on a short story by writer Francis King.

Set in the late 1930's Britain, Mona is the story of a young girls deep loneliness is brought to life in a nostalgic, if not melancholy way.

Mona (Deborah Stokes) lives with her family, The Atkins - an ordinary type too - her father (Geoffrey Greenhill) is a bus driver, her mother (Rosemary Martin) a cleaner, and her brother (Rupert Graves) is still studying. So, the ordinary life goes on for Mona, until that is, she meets Captain Manson, (Frank Finlay) a former soldier during world war one, badly in health due to mustard gas poisoning, and bad in temper because of his ailments.

When the pair first meet the captain will not even give her the time of day, and indeed treats her much like a servant. Mona ignores his irritable ways, and proceeds to cook, clean, and spiritually nourish the man. This could have went on nicely, but when Mona's family find out about the friendship they tell her it must stop, or "people would begin to talk".

Mona ignores the cajoling and threats from her family and continues to see the captain, until she is found out by her incredibly nasty brother (Graves) who proceeds to strike her in the face with the exclamation - "BITCH!".

Back at home Mona decides that she must go on seeing her friend, and as she visits him, she realises he is in a terrible way...

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