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The Madness Of King George.
The Madness Of King George Spacer

1994 - Mad George Films Ltd.

Director - Nicholas Hytner.

Rupert Graves - Captain Greville.
Review / Synopsis.

Anyone looking at the subject matter of this film may be put off. Don't be, it tells a great story of treachery, sadness, and has an ending that is as good as it gets.

Set in the time when England still ruled most of the world, but were losing the North American Colonies, (King George III seemed to be the only person aware of how this would affect history, and how important it was too), England had another problem to cope with.

The King (Nigel Hawthorne) was going mad, and all about him knew it. His wife The Queen (Helen Mirren) mystified, his doctors were so baffled they inflicted leeches and the like to help cure his ailment. A very interested spectator was his son, played to great comic effect by Rupert Everett, who was champing at the bit for some power.

Some superb portrayals of a wide range of characters ensue, (look out for the star turn by actor Rupert Graves as Captain Greville for example) filling in the time until the obvious question had to be answered - would King George lose the plot completely, and his throne, or would he be cured and save the day for England?


Starring Nigel Hawthorne, Helen Mirren, Ian Holm, Rupert Graves, Amanda Donohoe, Rupert Everett, Julian Rhind-Tut and Geoffrey Palmer.

Margaret Armstrong.

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