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Marple: S4E1 - A Pocket Full Of Rye.
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2008 - ITV Drama.

Director - Charles Palmer.

Rupert Graves - Lance Fortescue.
Review / Synopsis.

Starring Julia McKenzie, Matthew Macfadyen, Rupert Graves, and Wendy Richards.

The drama begins with the death of wealthy businessman Rex Fortescue (Ken Cranham) who is poisoned by an extract of yew berries.

A pocketful of rye is found in his jacket. No one seems too upset because he was universally disliked, especially by his children.

Yew Tree Lodge with its collection of servants and housekeepers, each with their own ears to the ground, seems a much happier place without him. But not for long.

Inspector Neele (McFadyen) is despatched to the house to investigate. The house’s maid Gladys, who was trained by Miss Marple, writes to her for help.

The case appears to be following the children’s rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence.

A Pocket Full Of Rye also stars Helen Baxendale, Ralf Little, Prunella Scales, Laura Haddock, and Lucy Cohu.

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