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Lewis: S4E4 - Falling Darkness.
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2010 - ITV Studios.

Director - Nicholas Renton.

Rupert Graves - Alec Pickman.
Review / Synopsis.

On Halloween night, a university friend of pathologist Laura Hobson is found staked through the heart.

During their investigation, Lewis and Hathaway are approached by a medium who claims that they are in grave danger. The following day a student is murdered in the house that Hobson shared with her university friends, and a clue at the crime scene leads Lewis and Hathaway to a third victim.

As the body count rises Lewis and Hathaway are forced to acknowledge that Hobson might know more about the deaths than she is letting on.

Starring Kevin Whately as Detective Inspector Robert Lewis, Clare Holman as Dr. Laura Hobson, Niamh Cusak as Dr. Ellen Jacoby, Laurence Fox as DS james Hathaway, Lucy Griffiths as Madeleine Escher, John Sessions as Professor Rufus Strickfaden, and Rupert Graves guest starring as Alec Pickman.

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