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Soldier's Leap.
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1998 - SAI Films UK.

Director - Robert Cavanah.

Rupert Graves - Christian.
Review / Synopsis.

Promotional Short.

The film tells the story of a young succesful lawyer faced with the dilemma of choosing between his safe career, or a more care-free lifestyle. He then learns a lesson from history to free himself.

A city slicker trapped by his own success and haunted by the ancient fable of Soldier's Leap, opts out of the rat race for a life of adventure, uncertainty and freedom.

Starring Rupert Graves, Robert Swann, Billy Boyd, and featuring Romla Walker, Michael Nardone, Keith Macpherson, Edward Hardwicke, Frances Carrigan, and Steven McNicholl.

The title of the film, which was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland - is named after "The Soldier's Leap" in Killiecrankie, where one Donald Macbean is said to have leapt to safety during the Jacobite uprising of 1698.

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