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1996 - Boxer Films, Fox Searchlight.

Director - Philip Goodhew.

Rupert Graves - Harold Guppy.
Review / Synopsis.

You don't know when to laugh or cry after watching this film.

It is full of sadness, laughter and loads of life's ironies too.

The scene is set straight from the start of the film, and idyllic look at England during the 1950's - when things were nice and people were expected to behave the same way.

Julie Walters aptly plays the part of Marjorie Beasley, a frustrated woman, ageing in both looks and charm, her demeanour that of a false pretender. Marjorie also knows this, and what with a 13 year old daughter and crippled husband to cope with, life is hardly bearable for her.

Enter Harold Guppy (Rupert Graves), a kind but rather slow-on-the-uptake kind of lad, the sort that women love for no obvious reason, and the sort men would be proud to have as a friend, though not admitting it out loud. One other thing, Harold Guppy is also very good looking.

Guppy is looking for somewhere to stay, as his brother (Les Dennis) will not help him out in this respect. Guess who needs a lodger ? Right, Marjorie Beasley, who takes Guppy in, only to set her sights on him at once, eventually seducing him. The big problem is that her daughter Joyce (Laura Sadler) is also in love with Guppy, and knows just what her mother is up to. All sorts of complications arrive for Guppy in this messy triangle, and at one point he joins the services to get away from it all, without success.

All the way through the film, we feel for Guppy, who is totally manipulated by everyone and all manner of circumstance. Hypocrisy, blackmail, and more threats lead eventually to a picnic in the woods with Mrs Beasley, her daughter and Guppy present, with a shocking ending to follow.

A superb film that you can easily watch more than once. Top marks.
Also stars Laura Sadler and Matthew Walker.
Mark Thompson.

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