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2006 - Pembridge Pictures Ltd.

Director - Mary McGukian.

Rupert Graves - Mark Berry.
Review / Synopsis.

Previously known as "Funny Farm".

Thirteen weeks is the recommended treatment period for a group of addicts who check into Intervention - The patients’ name for one of the many fashionable ‘rehab’ clinics springing up like geysers in the Arizona desert.

Drawn from all walks of life, regular folk, celebrities, politicians and business success stories alike find themselves under one roof with one thing in common - Addiction. For every addict, six degrees separate the many affected - The sphere of influence for an addict is much greater than his or her sphere of concern.

From the point of view of those who are affected or influenced rather than those 'under the influence' we enter the crazy world of a clinic where disorders of dysfunction such as the '3-D's' (drink, drugs and depression) are treated. After a twelve week period of isolation and reformation – Reconstruction with reality commences in earnest – When for one week, their friends, family and significant others join them for 'family program'.

The world-renowned 'healthy relationships' experts, Kelly Roe and Bill Russell, partners professionally and in life, work with those who dare to attend to resolve the relationship issues that are the detritus of an addict’s fall out. The experiences of the friends and family members who attend 'family program' therapy in the hope of rebuilding or resolving their relationships can be all consuming.

Inevitably Kelly and Bill meet meltdown scenarios.

Mark and Jane are such a couple - Where marital reconstruction can only be considered in the context of the inconceivable - Such is the horror of their recent history together – The damage done is seemingly irreparable – Emotional damage limitation is the ultimate goal under these circumstances. What they've lived with and what they learn may make them laugh and love again – If only a little - And that becomes our experience too when we enter the world of Intervention – But when reality checks in as the patients prepare to check out, who can predict the outcome?

Diagnosing any one of the 3 ‘Ds’ is one thing – Treatment, no matter how progressive or effective is much another matter. Is there something beyond the reasoned negotiated emotional health that even the most mature, reflective and resolute therapist can counsel as ‘recovery’? – Is there not something ‘inexplicable’? – Beyond analysis? – That confounds logic? Perhaps peace and happiness cannot be prescribed by puerile Anglo-American therapeutic culture.

And as the sun sets across the Arizona desert, the words of one American Indian’s reservations ring true. ‘Music, dance, story-telling and silence’ are the true universal healers.

Cast: - Rupert Graves, Charles Dance, Donna D’Errico, Gary Farmer, Colm Feore, Kerry Fox, Ian Hart, Andie Macdowell, Russell Means, Bill Paterson, John Sesions, Sara Stockbridge, Jennifer Tilly.

©Pembridge Pictures.

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