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Harry: S2E6.
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1995 - BBC Television.

Director - Laurence Moody.

Rupert Graves - Dominic Collier.
Review / Synopsis.

Original air date - 29/03/1995.

Snappy and Jonathan are in line for a "Good News" award.
Harry wants a reunion with his estranged wife, but she wants a divorce.

A young prostitute disappears and her friends think she has been murdered. Harry can find no trace of her at a residential home for troubled kids run by local businessman Paul Collier, and Harry supects that a local judge who is a friend of Paul Collier's may be involved. When this lead proves unfruitful, Alice, who looks like the girl decides to pose as a prostitute herself to flush out the person who may have abducted her.

Starring Michael Elphick, Julie Graham, Ian Bartholomew, Barbara Marten, Tom Hollander, with special guest appearences by Rupert Graves, Cathy Tyson, Oliver Cotton, Peter Mullen, and Morag Hood.

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