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The Good Times Are Killing Me.
The Good Times Are Killing Me Spacer

2009 - Shaftsbury Films.

Director - John L'Ecuyer.

Rupert Graves - Lexy.
Review / Synopsis.

When power and scandal collide in a court of law, the line between fact and fiction can become easily blurred with crippling consequences.

Kelly Rowan stars as Kate Derby in the new CTV Original Movie The Good Times Are Killing Me, which explores one lawyer’s journey to uncover the truth in the face of personal and professional disaster. Premiering Sunday, September 13 at 8 p.m. ET (check to confirm local broadcast times), the two-hour drama follows Canadian lawyer Kate Derby (Rowan) who, in the middle of a controversial court case, suddenly finds herself committed to a British rehab centre for alcohol addiction.

Prosecutor Kate Derby (Rowan) is convinced that she’s the victim, treating her unexpected “incarceration” as a sophisticated, career threatening conspiracy brought on to prevent political scandal by the high-powered defendant that she is prosecuting. As she struggles to convince those around her of the apparent conspiracy and win her life back, Kate pieces together her murky past, revealing the painful truth about what really brought her there.

The Good Times Are Killing Me, directed by John L’Ecuyer (In God's Country, Regenesis), also stars British actor Rupert Graves (V For Vendetta, A Room With A View) as Lexy, a wealthy high-flying investment banker who lost it all on booze and is the one person Kate can trust to help her escape Mayhill Rehab Facility; and Irish-Canadian Vincent Walsh (Instant Star, ReGenesis) as Shane, the group therapist at Mayhill.

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