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Garrow's Law: Series 3.
Garrow's Law - Series Three Spacer

2011 - BBC Television, Twenty Twenty Television.

Director - Bryn Higgins.

Rupert Graves - Sir Arthur Hill.
Review / Synopsis.

Crusading barrister William Garrow returns to fight for justice in the courts of London with the help of his assistant John Southouse and the love of Lady Sarah.
Against the back drop of villany from the criminal underworld and his arch enemy Sir Arthur Hill, Garrow needs all his wits about him as he takes on some difficult and harrowing cases.

Starring Andrew Buchan, Rupert Graves, Lyndsey Marshal, Alun Armstrong, Aiden McArdle and Michael Culkin.

Series Three Mini Episode Guide:

Episode 1:
Garrow attempts a risky insanity defense on behalf of James Hadfield, who is charged with high treason after trying to assassinate King George III.

Episode 2:
Seeking a challenge, Garrow agrees to defend two Spitalfield silk weavers who are charged with industrial sabotage, but one turns king's evidence against the other.

Episode 3:
Garrow takes on the British colonial system when he prosecutes General Thomas Picton, who is accused of approving the torture of a girl while he was governor of Trinidad.

Episode 4:
Sarah runs away with her son, leaving Sir Arthur furious and Garrow distraught. Southouse's nephew George Pinnock distracts Garrow with the case of a man framed for murder during a polling day riot that may be part of a larger cover-up.

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