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Garrow's Law: Series 2.
Garrow's Law - Series 2 Spacer

2010 - BBC Television, Twenty Twenty Television.

Director - Ashley Pearce.

Rupert Graves - Sir Arthur Hill.
Review / Synopsis.

Fighting For Justice… Pioneering barrister William Garrow takes on more cases of injustice, both against the criminal world, and the establsihment.

The stellar cast of Andrew Buchan, Alun Armstrong, Rupert Graves, Adian McArdle, Lyndsey Marshall and Michael Culkin return to the screen for the second series.

Series Two Mini Episode Guide:

Episode 1:
When 133 slaves are thrown off a slave ship after its water supply runs low, Garrow takes on the brutal slave trade that regards human beings as cargo when he is employed by Liverpool Assurance to prosecute the ship's captain for a fraudulent claim of £4000 for loss of cargo. He is aided by anti-slavery campaigner Gustavus Vassa.

Episode 2:
Garrow defends a man, Captain Jones, of the capital offence of sodomy but the client and witnesses prove unreliable mirroring accusations fabricated against himself and Lady Sarah.

Episode 3:
Garrow defends a British sailor imprisoned in Newgate for exposing ill treatment of sailors at the Greenwich Hospital by attacking the Admiralty and in particular its undersecretary Sir Arthur Hill, Lady Sarah's husband.

Episode 4:
Garrow is in the dock accused by Sir Arthur Hill of 'criminal conversation' (adultery) with his wife Lady Sarah. The evidence against him is a combination of half truths, invention and lies, but with the moralistic Judge Kenyon, a censorious public, and Silvester's offer to defend him the truth may not be enough.

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