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Garrow's Law: Series 1.
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2009 - BBC Television, Twenty Twenty Television.

Director - Peter Lydon.

Rupert Graves - Sir Arthur Hill.
Review / Synopsis.

Fighting For Justice… The 18th century legal world comes to life in new four-part drama on BBC One, inspired by the life of the pioneering barrister William Garrow, starring Andrew Buchan (Cranford, The Fixer), Alun Armstrong (New Tricks, Little Dorrit), Rupert Graves (V For Vendetta), Lyndsey Marshal (Rome) and Aidan McArdle (The Duchess, Beautiful People).

Co-created by Tony Marchant (The Knight’s Tale, Holding On, Crime And Punishment), Garrow’s Law is set in the Old Bailey of Georgian London against a backdrop of corruption and social injustice and is based on real cases from the late 18th century.

Each one-hour episode begins with the investigation of a case sourced from the Old Bailey archives, from rape and murder to high treason and corruption, and follows Garrow (Buchan) and his associate Southouse (Armstrong) working to uncover the truth or fight for justice.

An MP with a special interest in law and order, Sir Arthur Hill [Rupert Graves] is sharp, witty and ambitious. His ambition makes him dangerous and he dislikes Garrow's attitude, perceiving his radical intentions as a threat to the law. However, he also begins to see Garrow as a threat to his marriage to Sarah.
For both of those reasons, he wants Garrow brought down ...

In an age where the defence counsel acted in the minority of cases the young Garrow championed the underdog and pioneered the rigorous cross-examination of prosecution that paved the way for our modern legal system of today.

"A gifted maverick, at times arrogant and with a burning sense of destiny, Garrow is driven to change the nature of the trial against a backdrop of social and political upheaval," says Jamie Isaacs, the Executive Producer for Twenty Twenty Television.

Starring Andrew Buchan, Rupert Graves, Lyndsey Marshal, Alun Armstrong Aiden McArdle and Michael Culkin.

Series 1 Mini Episode Guide:

Episode 1:

In the late 18th century, young idealistic barrister William Garrow is given his first criminal defence case at the Old Bailey by attorney and mentor John Southouse. He defends Peter Pace, who is accused by renowned thief-taker Edward Forrester of robbing a man at gunpoint.

The case is won by Garrow's nemesis Silvester, but Garrow's impressive performance in court catches the eye of Lady Sarah Hill. She instructs him to defend a helpless serving girl, Elizabeth Jarvis, who stands accused of murdering her newborn baby. Garrow learns a harsh lesson from his first case, and vows to defend the life of Elizabeth.

Episode 2:

Garrow stands to defend 'The Monster', a man accused of assaulting several woman with a blade. Meanwhile Sir Arthur's true intention begin to surface as he moves his living pawns into place, in an attempt to defraud the system.

Episode 3:

After more derision from Silvester, Garrow is spurred on to successfully defending Edgar Cole who is clearly guilty of raping a servant. This disgusts Lady Sarah and Southouse and matters become worse when Garrow fights a pistol duel with Silvester.

Episode 4:

Having successfully defended a prostitute accused of killing a masochistic client, Garrow takes up the case of Joseph Hamer, charged with treason for belonging to the Corresponding Society, who advocate a wider enfranchisement and much needed electoral reform.

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