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Fortunes Of War.
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1987 - BBC Productions.

Director - James Cellan Jones.

Rupert Graves - Simon Boulderstone.
Review / Synopsis.

This is one of the rare times when a television company actually gets it right. But then again, it has to be said that the English television company, The BBC are famed for highly polished drama. And this is exactly that, a well polished piece of television

Everything about this smells of class, from the production, to the meticulous eye to detail, and let's not forget the actors too - strong performances from Kenneth Branagh (Guy Pringle), Emma Thompson (Harriet Pringle), and Rupert Graves (Simon Boulderstone) to mention a few

The story centres on the lives of newly married couple Guy & Harriet Pringle, part of an English group of people stationed in Rumania, just before the outbreak of World War II. As the war starts, the film attempts to look into (and does so very well indeed) the persona of a variety of other characters, including gays, spies, the rich, and the not so rich, all in the wake of the oncoming terrors of the German army.
Easy and effortless to watch, worth having the video.

Stephen James.

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