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Five Go Down To The Sea.
Five Go Down To The Sea Spacer

1979 - Portman Productions.

Director - Mike Connor.

Rupert Graves - Yan.
Review / Synopsis.

While on a cycling holiday in Cornwall the famous five hear how in the past, pirates used to set up a light on the Tremannon coast on stormy nights to wreck ships.

The children investigate the coves at night and find that there are still mysterious lights, and some sinister goings on.......

Starring Michelle Gallagher, Gary Russell, Marcus Harris, Jenny Thanisch, and Toddy Woodgate, with an appearance by Rupert Graves as Yan, (soon to become one of England's most respected and exciting actor's) Five Go Down To The Sea is yet another classic tale of adventure and mystery marvellously penned by the famed children's writer, Enid Blyton.

This trademark tale of The Famous Five, as always, carries to the small screen with notable ease.
Steve Bush.

From actor Gary Russell (Dick in The Famous Five).

"My favourite of Season Two reunited us again with Mike Connor as director and took us away - to Christchurch where we filmed Five Go Down to the Sea. My pleasure was doubled by the addition to the cast of a stunningly good actor, really friendly (the only one I stayed in contact with for a while) called Rupert Graves, playing Yan.

For the next couple of years we found ourselves going to the same auditions, and I beat him more often than not. Then I did a BBC show in 1981 called Schoolgirl Chums, which was popular enough to spawn a sequel. For story reasons, I couldn't be in it, and the equivalent part was taken by Rupert.

My pleasure at his success was furthered by him landing a part in the Merchant Ivory movie Maurice and his career has gone from strength to strength. I'm proud to have known him on his first ever TV job, but also, of course, insanely jealous that he's done so well".

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