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The Family: Of Puppies And Monsters (S1E3).
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2016- ABC Studios.

Director - Andrew McCarthy.

Rupert Graves - John Warren.
Review / Synopsis.

Claire’s motives are in questions; Adam has something to hide; and hank’s plans to get his life back are derailed by The Warrens, on an all-new episode of ABC’s “The Family”.

“Of Puppies and Monsters” – FBI Agent Gabe Clements joins the investigation and makes it clear to Nina how he would like to handle the case.  Nina interviews a seemingly innocuous refinery employee, but later we see that she has a questionable connection. Despite Claire’s objections, Adam agrees to return to the bunker to see if anything will trigger his memory, and when he’s down there alone, it becomes evident that he is hiding something.

Willa questions Claire’s motives when she ends her national interview with an emotional plea. In the past, John’s hesitancy to provide an alibi for some missing time has repercussions on his relationship with Claire. Bridey continues to follow her leads, but her contact with the family is put into jeopardy when Danny makes a discovery. 

We learn Willa and John share a secret when Nina investigates the 911 call that led the cops to search Hank’s house.  Hank plans to get his life back on track are derailed when the Warren family brings attention to him again.

“The Family” stars Joan Allen stars as Claire Warren, Alison Pill as Willa Warren, Rupert Graves as John Warren, Margot Bingham as Detective Nina Meyer, Liam James as Adam Warren, Andrew McCarthy as Hank Asher, Zach Gilford as Danny Warren, Floriana Lima as Bridey Cruz, Madeleine Arthur as Young Willa and Rarmian Newton as Young Danny.

Guest starring are Michael Esper as Pock-Marked Man, Felix Solis as Gus, Armando Riesco as Officer Cory Sanchez, Eisa Davis as Julia Beckett, Matthew Lawler as Agent Gabe Clements and Zoe Perry as Jane.
“Of Puppies and Monsters” was written by Alexandra Cunningham and directed by Andrew McCarthy.

Reproduced with kind permission.
©ABC 2016.

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