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The Family: What Took So Long (S1E12).
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2016 - ABC Studios.

Director - Paul McGuigan.

Rupert Graves - John Warren.
Review / Synopsis.


Shocking revelations come to light as Nina moves in on Doug’s location. Hank is confronted with a soul-searching temptation, and one phone call changes everything, on Abc’s ‘The Family.’

“What Took So Long” – Claire finally realizes what Adam and Ben endured when she visits the hell hole-like tomb where they were kept, exploding with grief, anger and frustration. Meanwhile Jane looks to make a getaway as Nina closes in on Doug’s location, and Agent Clements’ time is running out. Hank comes face to face with his inner demons, and one phone call shatters Ben’s world, forcing him to tackle an uncertain destiny, on “The Family,”.

“The Family” stars Joan Allen stars as Claire Warren, Alison Pill as Willa Warren, Rupert Graves as John Warren, Margot Bingham as Detective Nina Meyer, Liam James as Ben/Adam Warren, Andrew McCarthy as Hank Asher, Zach Gilford as Danny Warren, Floriana Lima as Bridey Cruz, Madeleine Arthur as Young Willa and Rarmian Newton as Young Danny.

Guest starring are Felix Solis as Gus, Matthew Lawler as Agent Gabe Clements, Zoe Perry as Jane Cardone, Luke Slattery as Adam and Ana Maria Jomoica as Agent Lisa Davis. Jenna Bans wrote the story for “What Took So Long”, with a teleplay by Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain. The director was Paul McGuigan.

©ABC 2016.

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