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Different For Girls.
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1996 - First Look Pictures.

Director - Richard Spence.

Rupert Graves - Paul Prentice.
Review / Synopsis.

Once again, talented English actor, Rupert Graves, and his co-star, Steven Mackintosh, get to grips with another "controversial film".

Indeed, it does seem that Graves appears to enjoy this kind of role.

Although the film is a tad weak in places, overall it is incredibly strong in others. Both actors should be proud to have this little gem on their respective resume's.

Boyhood pals meet up again after a long time apart. Paul Prentice (Graves) bumps into Karl, now known as Kim (Mackintosh), who had done the deed and changed sex. Although it would be fair to say that under most circumstances that even the best of friends would find it very difficult to come to terms with such a massive change.

Herein lies the skills of Graves and Mackintosh.

When actors can broach a subject like this, and pull it off (excuse the pun) to such an extent where you are rooting for them big time, sharing their pain, their laughs, their everthing, you know how damned good they are.

Full of witty one liners, some incredibly sad moments, and a rash of hilarious scenes, this film deserves the awards it received, and most certainly does Rupert Graves.
He's an oustanding talent, who does comedy very, very well.
Gunther Rivoni.

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