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Doomsday Gun.
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1994 - HBO Productions.

Director - Robert Young.

Rupert Graves - Jones.
Review / Synopsis.

One man built the world's most diabolical weapon - now he's selling it to America's most dangerous enemy.....

Shortly before the Gulf War, when Iraq and the United States where still allies, Gerald Bull (Frank Langella), a renowned arms expert, designed the ultimate super gun for Saddam Hussein. Using secret funding from US Intelligence, Bull began building a weapon capable of raining devestation upon neighbouring countries.

Also starring James Fox, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey, Tony Goldwyn, and Rupert Graves, the film Doomsday Gun is the portrait of a likeable, ambitious man and his dream to build the world's biggest weapon.

It is a thrilling story of international intrigue which depicts the events that nearly gave Iraq the world's most powerful weapon.

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