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Mrs. Dalloway.
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1997 - First Look Pictures.

Director - Marleen Gorris.

Rupert Graves - Septimus Warren Smith.
Review / Synopsis.

A thoughtful story given by the pen of Virginia Woolf, given the big time treatment with very strong performances by Vanessa Redgrave (Clarissa Dalloway), and Rupert Graves (Septimus Warren Smith) in particular.

Clarissa is busy making her plans for a sumptuous and extravagant party, and whilst doing so reminisces her past - remembering her youth when she was courted by many men. As she makes the preparations for her party she is halted in her tracks by the arrival of a long ago suitor, who at one time in her life she considered a possible husband.

As the day of her party evolves, her life becomes similar in vein to that of a young man she will never actually meet.

An all round hit, with big helpings of style and charisma. This is what the big screen was made for.

Starring Vanessa Redgrave, Natascha McElhone, Rupert Graves, Michael Kitchen and Alan Cox.

Watch it, enjoy it, then watch it again - masterful.
Diane Summers.

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