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Made In Dagenham.
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2010 - BBC Films, The UK Film Council.

Director - Nigel Cole.

Rupert Graves - Peter Hopkins.
Review / Synopsis.

Rita lives in Dagenham and, like many local women, she works at the Ford plant stitching together seat covers. It's intricate work carried out in sweltering conditions. So why, she wonders, are the workers paid the same as unskilled labourers? Is it because the work is unskilled? Or is it in fact because they are women?

Made in Dagenham shows how, at some expense to their family lives, in a country already crippled by strikes, and with a little help from colourful political firebrand Barbara Castle, the Dagenham women managed to overturn an age old hypocrisy.

A stellar class of acting talent includes Sally Hawkins as Rita O' Grady, Daniel Mays as Eddie O'Grady, Bob Hoskins as Albert Passingham, Miranda Richardson as Barbara Castle, Geraldine James as Connie, Andrea Riseborough as Brenda, Rupert Graves as Peter Hopkins, Rosamund Pike as Lisa Hopkins, Joseph Mawle as Gordon, and Andrew Lincoln as Mr. Clarke.

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