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The Crimson Field.
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2013 - BBC Drama.

Director - David Evans, Richard Clark, Thaddeus O'Sullivan.

Rupert Graves - Major Edward Crecy.



Review / Synopsis.

Previously knows as "The Ark".

The six-part series will focus on the lives of medical staff working in a tented field hospital during World War I and will air in 2014.

Written by Sarah Phelps, and starring Oona Chaplin, Hermione Morris, Suranne Jones, and featuring Kevin Doyle, Rupert Graves, Kerry Fox, and Marianne Oldham, it draws on primary research and is part of the BBC's programming to mark a centenary since the conflict.

Phelps adapted Great Expectations for the BBC in 2011 and said she was "bouncing off the walls with excitement at having such an extraordinary talented cast".

Filming begins late August, 2013.

Episode 2:

The volunteer nurses settle into life at the hospital, but Kitty keeps herself at a distance and it’s clear to Grace that something is deeply troubling her.
Despite struggling with some personal problems of her own, Kitty throws herself into her work, helping new patients Major Crecy and Private Byeford. Crecy awakens from the brink of death but still badly wounded to find his troops have been decimated. Traumatised by war Crecy fears he will never be able to return to his old life. Beside Crecy lies Private Shoemaker and his Jamaican father who grapples with the heart-breaking reality that his son who defied the odds by enlisting may soon pay the ultimate price.

Meanwhile, the hospital readies for a convoy of new patients. With resources stretched, Joan views it as a chance for the volunteers’ skills to be put to good use, but Margaret doesn’t think they are ready to take on these new responsibilities. Will the girls live up to Joan’s expectations?

Cast: Joan Livesey played by Suranne Jones, Kitty Trevelyan played by Oona Chaplin, Matron Grace Carter played by Hermione Norris, Flora Marshall played by Alice St. Clair, Rosalie Berwick played by Marianne Oldham, Sister Margaret Quayle played by Kerry Fox, Lieutenant-Colonel Roland Brett played by Kevin Doyle, Orderly Corporal Peter Foley played by Jack Gordon, Captain Miles Hesketh-Thorne played by Alex Wyndham, Captain Thomas Gillan played by Richard Rankin, Quartermaster Sergeant Reggie Soper played by Jeremy Swift, Major Edward Crecy played by Rupert Graves, Adelinde Crecy played by Jodhi May, Private Jackie Byeford played by Tommy McDonnell, Mr Shoemaker played by Fraser James and Private George Shoemaker played by Bradley John.

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