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1999 - Babelsberg, Hallmark Productions.

Director - Franc Roddam.

Rupert Graves - Octavian.
Review / Synopsis.

This lavish production from the talented hand of director Franc Roddam, is simply pure entertainment from start to finish. It is always going to be difficult when trying to make a film that is more often than not to be compared with the Burton / Taylor production of the sixties, but in reality, this proves beyond doubt that a serious and compelling effort was made.

Some incredible performances by Billy Zane, and Timothy Dalton keep this elaborate saga going along smoothly, but it is the stunningly sly acting of Rupert Graves in the role of Octavian, that somewhat steals the show. Cleopatra herself is played admirably by newcomer Leonor Varela.

Made for television products normally come in for heavy criticism - don't let that put you off from watching this.
If you want entertaining this will do nicely.
Samantha Feld.

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