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1999 - LWT Productions.

Director - Robert Bierman.

Rupert Graves - Dennis Hamilton.
Review / Synopsis.

The movie tells the story of British screen goddess, Diana Dors, once dubbed Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe, a reference that in fact, Diana Dors despised.

The movie was shown in two parts, and lasts close on four hours. This may seem a long time, but remembering that it's subject made numerous films and television shows, alongside stage work for some four decades, it's hardly surprising that the movie was given the big-time treatment by ITV.

Having actually read the autobiography that the movie is based on, I have to congratulate the producers for their meticulous note to detail. One of the most impressive aspects of the movie is the cast selection.

The part of Diana Dors is taken by two different actresses, to accommodate the ageing of the star (Amanda Redman and Keeley Hawes), and it must be said that Ms. Redman bears an uncanny resemblance to her character. Rupert Graves, playing the part of Diana Dors' first husband, Dennis Hamilton, once again puts in a stong performance, doing no harm to his ever growing popularity.

Bearing in mind that he has the lead male role in a programme that was twice slotted in to prime time viewing, Rupert Graves' career seem to go from strength to strength. The character of Dennis Hamilton, it must be said, is rather an unsavoury one. He features very heavily in the first part of the movie, not so much in the second half. For those of you yet to see the movie, I will refrain from giving the game away - suffice to say that some of the scenes in which he is involved are very strong indeed.

The movie itself is very strong in places, always interesting because it's a true story, and has a few real moments of genuine sadness in it. A superb drama, one of the main reasons being the very strong cast, especially Amanda Redman, Keeley Hawes, and Graves, and as mentioned before, the superb eye to detail of four different decades.
Paul Lawson.

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